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How to prevent and recover from Osteitis Pubis and groin related injuries

Osteitis pubis is an aggravation of the pubic symphysis and encompassing muscle additions. First depicted in quite a while who experienced suprapubic medical procedure, it stays a notable entanglement of obtrusive strategies about the pelvis.

Osteitis pubis rehab - is the most common inflammatory condition of the pubic symphysis and may present as acute abdominal, pelvic, or groin pain.

Osteitis Pubis Exercises 

There are 5 simple and effective ways to help prevent injuries from reoccurring.

  • Stretch and warm up properly before exercise -

Regardless of what, when and how often you are working out, it is important to prime your muscles beforehand.


  • Use proper gear

At times of strenuous activity, your body performs better and is less likely to get injured if it's supported by appropriate workout gear such as footwear and high-quality compression wear, not to mention that CORETECH® specifically helps support deep core muscles and pelvic instability which are the leading factors in injury and re-injury.


  • Work on the strength and flexibility of key muscles

To be able to work at your peak, you need to be constantly focusing on the strength and flexibility of your different muscle groups.


  • Take time to rest and recover

In order to increase the performance of your muscles, it is essential that you give yourself some time to recover from the strain of exercise.

  • Try to avoid activities that cause discomfort

Exercise is a progressive process where, as you become fitter, you are able to handle more stress on your body.


Osteitis Pubis Injuries - Supacore

Proper explanation 

OP is often referred to as any of the following:

Gilmore's Groin, Groin Disruption, Inguinal Disruption, Sport's Groin, Sport's Hernia, Athletic Pubalgia, Adductor Muscles strain, Hockey hernia or Hockey groin.

It occurs in such athletic activities as distance running, soccer, football, skating, and hockey. The overuse of muscles around the pelvis cause stress on the pelvic joint, and this repeated pressure on the pubis bones can cause the joint to begin eroding.

It can be very easily worsened, so it is important to treat your injury immediately and have a basic understanding of how to identify, treat, recover and prevent the injury from reoccurring.

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Generally indicated by a slow build-up of tension and pain in the groin area. However, pain in the general upper thigh region can be an indicator as well. It is not uncommon to feel this pain on one side of the pelvis, but not the other. The muscles that suffer most from this inflammation lie on either side of the pelvis. Inflammation can occur on either side or both.

The chronic groin and inner thigh pain associated with  (OP ) is a gradual pain that develops over time. Osteitis Pubis is the result of consistently causing stress to the pubic bone area and is not the outcome of one specific occurrence. However, it is common for an increase in training to set off the pain.

OP is often caused by the instability of the pelvic joint. This is caused and exacerbated by the unbalanced amount of force used when running or kicking. The instability of this area can also result in groin strains and lower back pain for sufferers of Osteitis Pubis.

kicking action

Symptoms osteitis pubis

Symptoms of osteitis pubis Pain in the groin and lower belly is the most obvious symptom of osteitis pubis. When pressure is applied to the area in front of your pubic bones, you may also feel pain and tenderness. The discomfort appears to start slowly, but eventually it can reach a point where it is continuous.

An additional way that you can identify whether the pain you're experiencing is from Osteitis Pubis is to support the area with a compression garment such as Supacore CORETECH® Shorts and Tights that are specifically designed by a physiotherapist to stabilise the pelvis and reduce pain from Osteitis Pubis. Thousands of professional and amateur athletes have benefited tremendously from the patented sports technology built into CORETECH® products. Check out some of the testimonials here.

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  • Cool blog..very helpful .Im getting a pair.

    jerome gilskinan
  • Just diagnosed with Osteitis Pubis. Looking to purchase your product to continue with sport.

    Phil Melville
  • Coretech shorts have kept me on the field this year, without them it would have been season over, however with the correct direction for pre and post game stretching and the support of the coretech I’ve managed OP throughout this season, with obvious physical assistance of the coretech the mental edge of feeling supported both during the game and in recovery makes a huge difference.

    Lucas Matthews

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