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Hamstring Strengthening and Rehabilitation- how Supacore can help.

Hamstring Strengthening and Rehabilitation- how Supacore can help.

 Research shows us that eccentric hamstring contractions are beneficial in reducing hamstring injury related pain. An eccentric contraction occurs when the muscle is lengthening during a movement rather than shortening, which would be a concentric contraction. A low volume eccentric hamstring training is just as effective as a greater training dose to improve hamstring strength. After an initial hamstring injury, the first stage of recovery involves rest, ice, compression and elevation. Compression for the injury can be applied using Supacore’s compression tights or shorts.


The compression will assist in reducing swelling, which in turn will also help reduce pain. Continued rest, ice, compression and elevation will assist the injury to heal.

 Addressing the sacroiliac joint is an important part of recovery for hamstring injuries, as this joint could be the cause of the problem. More information on this can be found in the blog “hamstring injury caused by lumbo-pelvic instability – can compression help?”. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can also be taken after a hamstring injury as they can reduce inflammation and pain.

 In the next stage of healing, strength should be addressed. This includes both core strength and hamstring muscle strength. Core strength should be addressed as this plays an important role in lumbo-pelvic stability which has a relationship with hamstring muscle injuries. After a hamstring injury, it is expected that there will be a strength deficit in the effected hamstring. Eccentric training is shown to reduce the rate of re-injury compared to concentric training. An eccentric training program will be included in this blog. Another area to work on in hamstring recovery is flexibility. In the last stage of healing further increasing hamstring length and strength is addressed.

 Hamstring Training Program  




Nordic drops

2 sets

8 reps

Hamstring curls

2 sets

8 reps

Resisted hip extension

2 sets

8 reps

Dead lifts

2 sets

8 reps

Heel sliders

2 sets

8 reps


A lower dose is proven to show good results for improving both hamstring strength and preventing re-injury. A lower dose also helps with adherence to the program. Above is some recommended hamstring exercises that focus on the eccentric part of the muscle contraction.

 An eccentric hamstring program paired with Supacore’s compression garments will aid recovery from a hamstring injury.


** As with all injury and rehabilitation, the exact method/s used to treat and prevent injury should be discussed with your healthcare professional.


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