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Osteitis pubis -A footballers nightmare !

Osteitis pubis -A footballers nightmare !

Osteitis pubis - A footballers nightmare.

Osteitis pubis (OP) is an overuse injury resulting in painful inflammation of the pubic bone. It is caused by repeated trauma rather than a specific incident. However, it is not uncommon for a specific incident to bring on the pain.


What pain do you experience with the condition?

The 3 stages

Mild condition

  • Groin pain on kicking side
  • Pain eases during warm-up but comes back after training or game


Moderate condition

  • Groin pain on the kicking side or both sides and pain spreads to the lower abdominal area
  • Increased pain after training
  • Pain when kicking the ball, sprinting, change of direction, walking long distances or running
  • Loss of running speed and ability to accelerate


Severe condition

  • Unable to train or play
  • Pain in the groin and/or lower abdominal area when coughing or sneezing
  • Pain when walking on uneven surfaces
  • Pain when rolling over in bed at night
  • Stiff and sore when getting out of bed in the morning
  • Pain on standing on one leg or going up or downstairs



  • A sudden increase in the level of training – both volume and intensity – too much- too soon
  • Returning to full training after a long break in training
  • Poor core stability
  • Tight hip muscles / stiff hip joints
  • Weak hip muscles
  • Weak groin/adductor muscles
  • Previous groin injury


How do you reduce the pain and recover?

The 3 stages

Stage 1

  • Ice
  • Anti-inflammatories
  • Rest


Stage 2

  • Massage to adductor muscles and gluteal muscles
  • Stretch hip muscles
  • Get back and pelvis checked out and treated if needed by physiotherapy, chiropractor or osteopath
  • Learn how to work your “deep” core stability muscles (transversus abdominis and pelvic floor) – physiotherapist or Pilates instructor. An assessment with real-time ultrasound can help with this.
  • Strengthen your gluteal muscles
  • Improve the strength and endurance of your adductor muscles


Stage 3

  • Core stability program (Swiss Ball program or Pilates)
  • Strengthen hips with elastic band
  • Stationary bike
  • Running program in water
  • Basic running program on land
  • Wear “sacro-iliac joint” belt or wear tape on the pelvis
  • Wear Supacore Coretech patented compression shorts


12 to 20 weeks is a normal time frame to expect for recovery from osteitis pubis.


How can Supacore Coretech technology help relieve the pain?


Supacore Coretech patented shorts and leggings are designed to incorporate the compression provided by a sacro-iliac belt into shorts that can be worn during exercise to improve core stability and reduce groin pain.

The leggings and shorts improve your core stability by applying an external compression force through your pelvis.  The compression force mimics the body’s own deep core stability muscles

Poor recruitment of deep abdominal muscles (the transversus abdominis muscle) has been shown in athletes with osteitis pubis.  Poor core stability may result in excessive movement and inflammation of the bone at the pubic symphysis.  The adductors, which insert into this area, may become overloaded by the same excessive movement and this may also result in injury to the adductor tendons and pubic bone. 

Supacore Coretech shorts and leggings are an adjunct to treatment provided by the therapist, and your core stability exercises.  The external core support provided by Coretech shorts and leggings can help to stabilize the injured area and allow it to heal.  The transverse compressive force provided through the pelvis aims to limit excessive movement of the joints of the pelvis, reducing irritation and inflammation at the joints.  Coretech shorts should be worn during your rehabilitation, and when you return to training and competition, to potentially decrease the risk of re-aggravating your injury.


The key features of the technology.


Coretech shorts have a “sacro-iliac joint” belt incorporated into the shorts that can be worn during sport

Higher medical-grade compression around the pelvis

Seamless knitting technology for comfort.

Ribtech to provide a gentle massage to the muscles while you move.



Check our Coretech range;


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