patented technology which is classified as a medical device in Australia & the EU

Abdominal Separation

Returning to your running regime after pregnancy - what you need to consider before you pound the pavement

Every woman who has been keeping an active lifestyle prior to and during pregnancy knows how difficult and frustratin...

Getting back to exercise after giving birth

Getting back into exercise after giving birth has many benefits both mentally and physically. Studies demonstrated po...

Muscle in on DRAM

What is abdominal separation or Diastasis Recti Abdominis (DRAM) ? Many medical professionals compare pregnancy to...

Returning to exercise after giving birth

When thinking about returning to exercise after having a baby, there a few things to consider. Ensuring your body has...

Pelvic Pain in Pregnancy: A New Approach

PELVIC PAIN IN PREGNANCY- CAN TECHNOLOGY HELP?  There have been many advances in treatment and support options for pr...

During and post pregnancy management of abdominal separation

Post pregnancy muscle separation - ab separation Dr Carolyn Tayor What is ab separation? Diastasis of the Rectus Abdo...
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