The cost of injury recovery for English Premier League clubs

by Team Supacore December 17, 2016

Having worked with EPL clubs over the last 12 months, it's interesting to discover that injuries cost the clubs £270 million last season.

This works out to an average cost of £13.5 million per Premier League club with Arsenal and Newcastle both registering expenses in excess of £20 million. On the other hand winners Chelsea suffered the lowest injury related costs, totalling only £5.8 million.

UEFA have devised a new formula to calibrate this and it's based on the monthly cost of the injured player. The medical treatment costs, insurance premiums and wages earned by injured players and the financial implication of playing with a weaker team are all included in this calculation.

This method of calculation now places extra focus on all the medical teams as the clubs with the least injuries usually end up on top of the ladder.

FIFA, through its FIFA 11+ programme and F – MARC (Medical Assessment and Research Centre) are supplying substantial resources for the prevention of injuries caused by playing football.

For example the F- MARC medical manual documents that groin and pelvic injuries relate to 20% of all muscle strain injuries in football. Football qualifies as the most popular sport in the world with (according to FIFA) 270 million registered football players and with 54 million afflicted with this most common type of injury.

Accelerate Injury Recovery

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Team Supacore
Team Supacore


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