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Supacore CORETECH®: Innovation meets injury treatment in performance sportswear.

Supacore CORETECH®: Innovation meets injury treatment in performance sportswear.

Supacore Compression is at the forefront of innovation when it comes to both research and development of their patented seamless compression performance sportswear. This is particularly true of their revolutionary CORETECH® product – a seamless, medical grade compression waistband that takes the place of a commonly used rehabilitation tool, the Sacroiliac-joint belt.

For amateur and professional athletes who are involved in sports that require rapid stopping and starting, twisting, changes of direction at speed, kicking motion; or for those who have suffered a hip, groin, or hamstring injury, this support of the sacroiliac region is of primary importance when correcting instability, minimizing pain, and helping the athlete return to sport more quickly after injury – whilst also helping to prevent re-injury.

Medical grade compressive forces at the sacroiliac region in combination with compression around the affected area are essential for treating any conditions that arise in sports that use the movements outlined above. In particular, this technology has become a game-changer when it comes to a very painful and debilitating inflammatory condition called Osteitis Pubis, and other conditions that affect the groin area. These conditions include but are not limited to Gilmore’s Groin, Sportsman’s Groin, Hockey Groin, Inguinal Hernia, and Athletic Pubalgia. Prevention and treatment of hamstring injury and hamstring re-injury are also key conditions that are aided by the use of Supacore CORETECH®.

Co-creator of the CORETECH® waistband, physiotherapist Dr. Carolyn Taylor, Ph.D., is one of Australia’s top experts in the research and treatment of pelvic instability in high-level amateur and professional sports people. Throughout her research and clinical treatment of athletes, she recognized the importance of players being able to continue to wear their sacroiliac support throughout their training and competition. This was not possible with any other product on the market, and although some compression garments already existed, none provided the hip and pelvic stabilization that the Supacore CORETECH® waistband added to the equation.

Clinically, during pelvic stability assessment, it was noted that patients who completed both a standing single leg squat test and a straight-leg raise test (used to assess pelvic instability), at first without any additional support, and then with a sacroiliac-joint belt, and then with Supacore CORETECH, saw a dramatically increased ability to perform a single leg squat and more stability and less pain during the straight-leg raise test.

Supacore CORETECH has been utilized as a performance and recovery tool with great success by football team LA Galaxy, players from the NFL Team Baltimore Ravens in the USA, Premier League football teams Arsenal, Southhampton, Chelsea, and QPR in the UK, and numerous Australian rugby, soccer, and football teams – as well as thousands of individuals seeking help with pain reduction, injury management, rehabilitation, and performance.

All Supacore products come with a 100-day, no questions asked, and money-back guarantee. We know that our product works, and we started Supacore in order to help prevent injury, increase performance, and reduce pain and recovery times. Our customer and athlete testimonials prove what we know to be true – Supacore products give results.

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