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Supacore is all about innovation and performance; assisting all athletes (from beginners to professionals) wanting less soft tissue damage, increased blood circulation and faster recovery.

Utilising the latest in seamless technology, garment construction and yarns, Supacore has teamed up with industry leaders and physiotherapists to develop the ultimate range of compression products for your patient’s every training need.

How is Supacore different from other compression brands?
What is CORETECHTM Technology?
How does CORETECHTM Technology assist core stability?
How does Coretech help in the recovery of hamstring and groin injuries?
How does CORETECHTM Technology compare to sacro-iliac belts and braces?
Who should be wearing Supacore?
Supacore Football
Therapeutic Goods Association

How is Supacore different from other compression brands?


Supacore compression products are constructed using unique Seamless Technology, allowing specific compression to be engineered into the garment without the use of uncomfortable seams.


What is CORETECH™ Technology?

The CORETECH™ Shorts and Leggings have been engineered to replicate the body’s own deep stability system by providing optimal placement of external compressive forces throughout the pelvis and core. Seamlessly knitted compression ensures a comfortable and versatile fit that can be worn in any situation under any uniform or training kit.

Results of the CORETECH™ technology trials conducted via physiotherapists and strength and conditioning coaches over the past 8 years showed conclusively that athletes suffering from a combination of hip groin and hamstring injuries who were on average laid off the game for 6 months returned on average in 2 or 3 months.

The CORETECH™ range is highly recommended for anyone who is susceptible to or recovering from a hamstring, lower back or groin related injury.


How does CORETECH™ Technology assist core stability?

Supacore's Coretech improves your core stability by applying an external compression force through your pelvis exactly where it is needed. The compression force mimics the body's own deep internal stabilising system, in particular the transversus abdominus and the lumbar-sacral multifidus muscles. Supacore Compression leggings are also designed using seamless technology and body mapping techniques to engineer compression points throughout for optimal performance, support and aid in the recovery of injuries by augmenting the player's core stability.


How does CORETECH™ help in the recovery of hamstring and groin injuries?

It is thought that poor core stability is related to hamstring strains and tears. When an athlete's core stability is poor, the hamstring may act as a secondary stabilising muscle for the pelvis, become overloaded and be more susceptible to hamstring injury. The same may be true of adductor strains. Poor core stability may result in excessive movement and inflammation of the bone at the pubic symphysis. The adductors, which insert into this area, may become overloaded by the same excessive movement and this may also result in injury to the adductor tendons and pubic bone.

The external core support provided by Supacore's Coretech engineering can help to stabilise the injured area and allow it to heal. The transverse compressive force provided through the pelvis aims to limit excessive movement of the joints of the pelvis, reducing irritation and inflammation at the joints and to decrease the overuse of susceptible muscles.

The pelvic compression provided by the Supacore leggings aims to stabilise the pelvis by mimicking the stabilising action of the transversus abdominus and the multifidous muscles. Supacore Compression leggings should be worn during all rehabilitation, training and competition requirements, to improve pelvic stability with the aim of reducing the risk of re-aggravating the injury.


How does CORETECH™ Technology compare to sacro-iliac belts and braces?

Research has shown that wearing a sacro-iliac belt improves core stability and reduces groin pain.

Athletes with osteitis pubis have delayed recruitment of the transversus abdominus muscle, suggesting poor core stability. Wearing a sacro-iliac joint (SIJ) belt improves core stability, and reduces groin pain, although it is impractical to wear a SIJ belt during contact sports.

Supacore Coretech Compression leggings are designed to incorporate the compression provided by a sacro-iliac belt into shorts through our patented Coretech waistband that can be worn during sport and exercise.


Who should be wearing Supacore?

  • All athletes (from beginners to professionals) who suffer from back, hamstring and groin injury and would like to keep playing and recuperate from injury faster. In particular, those recovering from osteitis pubis and other groin injuries.

  • All athletes (from beginners to professionals) who want to increase core stability.

  • All athletes wanting less soft tissue damage, increased blood circulation and faster recovery.

  • All athletes wanting to reduce the effect of DOMS (Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness) and increase blood circulation.


Supacore Football

In Australia, football is the number one code with 1.8 million players of which 1 million play under the FFA competition (Gemba). Osteitis Pubis is a debilitating medical condition with related hip, groin and hamstring injury and is prominent amongst footballers. Research shows that 5-7% of players are affected (FIFA).

CORETECH engineering for improved core stability and support of hip, groin and hamstring injuries
  • Unique, patented waistband & core compression
  • Proven to help prevent & recover from osteitis pubis

Body mapped targeted compression for focused support of major muscle groups, resulting in less soft tissue damage

Graduated compression to increase blood circulation and reduce blood lactate for faster recovery

Seamless technology allowing for ultimate compression, comfort, fit and performance
  • Long lasting due to seamless knit - No fraying and stitch defects 

High tech, durable, breathable microfibre weave allowing for longer product lifespan

Quick dry and moisture wicking features for vital moisture management

Optimal thermal properties allowing for rapid warm up and temperature maintenance during exercise



 Therapeutic Goods Association

Supacore offers medical grade TGA approved graduated compression which can prevent several sports based injuries. Supacore is listed as a Medical Device under the Therapeutic Goods Association as having the following benefits:

Compression of fabric against skin for the purposes of application of pressure though to the legs and midsection during and post-exercise thereby improving blood lactate clearance, reducing delayed onset muscle soreness, improving post exercise recovery time, reducing post exercise muscular fatigue, improving core support and stability, and reducing groin and hamstring pain.


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