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Compression shorts : the science behind how they work

Compression shorts : the science behind how they work

Compression shorts: what are they and why wear them?

Core compression shorts (or Core Control shorts as they are often known) are designed to aid in the management and recovery of hamstring and groin injuries, including osteitis pubis, pubic overload and pelvic instability. 


How do compression shorts work?

Research has shown that wearing a sacro-iliac belt improves core stability and reduces groin pain.  Core compression shorts are designed to incorporate the compression provided by a sacro-iliac belt into shorts that can be worn during sport and exercise.


Core compression shorts improve core stability by applying an external compression force through the pelvis where it is needed and in the direction it is required.  The compression force mimics the body’s own deep internal stabilising system, in particular the transversus abdominus and the lumbar-sacral multifidus muscles. Supacore Coretech (link )  has been specifically designed in collaboration with physiotherapists to help improve core stability by using a patented technology waistband incorporated with its shorts and leggings.



How do Coretech Core compression shorts help in the recovery of hamstring and groin injuries? 

It is thought that poor core stability is related to hamstring strains and tears.  When an athlete’s core stability is poor, the hamstring may act as a secondary stabilising muscle for the pelvis, become overloaded and be more susceptible to hamstring injury.  The same may be true of adductor strains.
Poor recruitment of deep abdominal muscles (the transversus abdominus muscle) has been shown in athletes with osteitis pubis.  Poor core stability may result in excessive movement and inflammation of the bone at the pubic symphysis.  The adductors, which insert into this area, may also become overloaded by the same excessive movement and this may also result in injury to the adductor tendons and pubic bone. 

Coretech core compression shorts are an adjunct to treatment provided by the therapist as well as core stability exercises.  The external core support provided by Coretech shorts aims to stabilise the pelvis and the injury to heal.  The transverse compressive force provided through the pelvis aims to limit excessive movement of the joints of the pelvis, reducing irritation and inflammation at the joints in the pelvis, and to decrease the overuse of susceptible muscles, such as hamstring and adductor muscles. 

Core compression shorts such as Coretech should be worn during an athlete’s rehabilitation, and when they return to training and competition, to increase pelvis stability and decrease the risk of re-aggravating the injury.

How do I know if Core compression shorts will help the athlete’s injury?

The therapist will conduct an “active straight leg test” without the shorts and with the shorts on to determine whether the Core shorts will help the athlete’s core stability and be suitable for use in recovery from injury.




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