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Effects of Compression Garments for POTS

Effects of Compression Garments for POTS

POTS - what is it and can compression garments help ?

Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS)  is a disorder of blood flow that results in light headedness, fainting and irregular heart rate. This condition can occur in adolescents as well as adults and tends to be more common in females.

A research study by Heyer (2014) found POTS patients experienced decreased symptoms when wearing compression garments compared to not wearing compression garments.

Using compression garments for the condition helps to relieve symptoms. Compression of the lower limb and abdomen can reduce blood pooling and improve blood return to the heart. This treatment is a good nonpharmacologic option for POTS patients. 

 Supacore offers compression garments that will offer both abdominal and lower limb compression to the wearer. The compression technology allows for improvements in blood flow which could be of benefit to POTS patients by reducing dizziness and other symptoms. Reduction of POTS symptoms will improve quality of life for patients. With a treatment that does not require medication, compression garments are a simple treatment option for POTS patients.

 Check out the Coretech range and see what some of our happy customers are saying 

"My kids have POTS and EDS and they said how great they feel when they put the shorts on! Less pain and also helps with the Pots symptoms."


"Yeah I really liked the small Nina shorts, SO comfy and they brought my standing heart rate down from 140bpm to 120bpm, which is pretty great work for a pair of shorts! Ideally I need to get it down another 20bpm or so to keep the fatigue in check, so fingers crossed the extra leg compression in the  leggings will do the trick."





Heyer, G. L. (2014) abdominal and lower-extremity compression decreases symptoms of   postural tachycardia syndrome un youth during tilt table testing. The Journal of              Paediatrics, 165(2), 395-397. Doi: 10.1016/j.jpeds.2014.04.014

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