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belly bands , maternity belts , pregnancy bands

Pregnancy Belly bands, Maternity Belts and Belly Bands -Why Supacore is the preferred option

Pregnancy Belly bands, Maternity Belts and Belly Bands 

You might have heard many pregnant women and post partum women talk about the benefits of wearing a belly band. After all, it’s one of the best support devices to use during pregnancy and beyond. But if you haven’t seen one and don’t know much about them you may ask ‘How do belly bands work exactly?’

What are they and how do they work ?
Back and joint pain during pregnancy can be frustrating and make it difficult to participate in everyday activities. Pregnancy has a profound effect on the human body, particularly the musculoskeletal system. Hormonal changes cause ligaments to relax, increased weight gain, and a shift in the centre of gravity that leads to the pelvis tilting forward and the lower back arching . The pelvis can become unstable and this in turn causes pain and discomfort. The most common musculoskeletal complaints in pregnancy are low back pain and/or pelvic girdle pain. Some studies have found that as much as 71% of pregnant women report lower back pain and 65 percent report pelvic girdle pain. (1) (2)

 Belly bands offer a whole host of benefits to pregnant women and can be worn throughout pregnancy as well as during postpartum recovery. They’re simple to use and recommended by health professionals. 

A belly band is similar to a stretchy belt, that sits around your hips and supports your bump.

Belly bands provide mild compression, which can help to alleviate lower back pain from pregnancy. 

A belly band helps to stabilize your pelvis and may also help to improve balance by distributing your baby’s weight more evenly over your tummy and lower back. 

Wearing belly bands give extra support and comfort, helping to relieve pain and reduce pressure. 

Belly bands can also assist with maintaining good posture and act as support for your core and back muscles. By wearing a belly band after you give birth, you may be able to return to your pre-pregnancy body a little more easily. 

Belly bands can help to tighten belly skin after pregnancy and assist in c-section recovery. If you do have a c-section birth, a belly band can help to protect the wound site and help you recover faster. 

What’s more, wearing a belly band after giving birth can also help your organs shift back into their original places.

But popping on a belly band with Velcro or fastening can be bulky or cumbersome and not practical while  exercising , everyday activities with baby and toddlers and just something extra that you need to think about  (google Belly bands and SIJ belts and see what they look like)

Supacore has the solution… all in one belly band incorporated into leggings or shorts – one piece of clothing that will support you throughout your day.

Why is Supacore a preferred option?

Supacore has an in-built belly band designed to support you during your pregnancy and post pregnancy

  • Supacore shorts and leggings are able to be worn for exercise, work and everyday wear.
  • The belly band is knitted into the garment and helps support with Lower Back Pain, Pelvic Instability and Pelvic Girdle Pain.
  • The Supacore Coretech garments are Patented and are based on science so you know they are well researched and developed specifically for your support.
  • No seams around belly and baby bump which help to reduce aggravation of C-section wound.
  • Supacore shorts and leggings can be worn safely day and night whilst providing pain relief as they have firm medical grade compression.
  • Anatomical Targeted Ribtech ® panels help massage and increase blood flow to specific areas.
  • Compression helps with vulvar varicosities and helps with venous flow.
  • only 1 garment to purchase and wear.

Given the unique challenges pregnancy places on the human body and the special consideration that must be given to the growing baby, Supacore recommends that an orthopedic surgeon , obstetrician or physiotherapist is consulted whenever there is any pain or discomfort and advice is sought for any compression wear during and post pregnancy. Please note that belly bands may not be suitable for some women.

Please note that our Supacore  Post Pregnancy shorts and leggings are NOT suitable to be worn during pregnancy .

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