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Supacore CORETECH® In Action: Pelvic Stability and Injury Management for Hip, Groin, and Hamstring.

Supacore CORETECH® In Action: Pelvic Stability and Injury Management for Hip, Groin, and Hamstring.

Supacore's patented sports technology, CORETECH®, has been providing increased recovery and pain relief from injuries such as Osteitis Pubis, Athletic Pubalgia, Gilmore's Groin, Pelvic Instability, and numerous other Hip, Groin, Pelvic, and Hamstring conditions since 2006.

Recently, under the guidance of one of Australia's leading physiotherapists and experts on pelvic instability and its role in sports injury - Dr. Carolyn Taylor Ph.D. - the Supacore CORETECH® shorts were put to the test to demonstrate just how significant the support provided was to athletes who experience pelvic instability. 

Pelvic instability can exist due to prior injury, incorrect biomechanics, or pre-existing structural abnormalities, but it primarily occurs due to poor control of the stabilizing muscles of the pelvis (deep core muscles). According to Brukner and Khan (2011), pelvic instability is often associated with osteitis pubis and lower limb overuse injuries. 

In the below video, we see Dr. Taylor using a single leg squat as an assessment test for pelvic stability. In the first part, we see the athlete, a 23-year-old male who participates in Australian Rules Football, perform single leg squats without the use of Supacore CORETECH®. The test is then repeated while the athlete wears Supacore CORETECH® shorts. The video finishes with a side by side comparison of the two assessments.

As is indicated in the video, the difference when the athlete wears Supacore CORETECH® is quite incredible. The squats are completed with significantly more stability, with feedback from the athlete that the movement was easier to complete. 
Pelvic instability has a huge impact on athletes playing a variety of sports - sports that require rapid stopping and starting, twisting, changes of direction at speed, and kicking motions are at a high risk of injury to the pelvic region. Not only can undetected instability go on to cause debilitating overuse injuries like Osteitis Pubis (also known as "hockey groin", and "Gilmore's Groin" as well as many others), but it puts athletes at increased risk of acute injuries to their hip, groin, and hamstrings. Since pelvic instability can also occur as an athlete rehabilitates from injury, additional support of the core muscles via a device like Supacore CORETECH® can markedly reduce both pain and the risk of further injury.
CORETECH® also helps women who have pre-natal conditions that involve their pelvis and core. Conditions like Diastasis Rectus (abdominal separation), lower back pain, and instability caused by the body changes in pregnancy as tendons and ligaments relax to enable childbirth.
Supacore CORETECH® is helping to reduce the cost of injury to athletes, clubs, and hundreds of everyday people who suffer from the pain and debilitation of conditions caused by pelvic instability. Read more about the development of CORETECH® here, or see the products online below. 


Brukner, P. and Khan, K. (2011). Clinical Sports Medicine. Sydney: McGraw-Hill Education, pp.54-55.
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