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Supacore’s innovation was born out of a desire to help those experiencing injury and pain.

A team member working with the company was seeing a physiotherapist who had recommended that she wear a sacroiliac belt for lower back support in between her sessions. One day when designing a pair of seamless fashion leggings, the thought came to the team that they could increase the compression around the waist to that of the sacroiliac belt.

 The team, having been an innovator in the field of seamless knitting for many years as well as a distributor of seamless fashion leggings into the market place, began research and development immediately - working closely with a physiotherapist who specialises in the treatment and management of Osteitis Pubis (OP). After testing, they found the shorts to be just as effective as the belt at supporting the back and stabilising the core but could be worn under any outfit. The design team then worked closely with the physiotherapist to fine-tune the product to create a range for sports related injuries.

The shorts were then tested with the physiotherapist's clients who played elite football and testing showed that when wearing Supacore the OP afflicted athletes could return to the game on average in two or three months, instead of six months which had previously been the norm.

And so Supacore was born. The unique CORETECH™ technology was then registered with an international patent and trialled over 7 years in collaboration with sports physiotherapists and elite clubs including Sydney Swans, Queens Park Rangers, Melbourne Victory and LA Galaxy. Since its initial inception in 2006, Supacore has been enhancing the performance of athletes by preventing common hamstring, groin and hip injuries, stabilising the essential core muscles and speeding up the recovery process.

Our philosophy is "Less injury…more play."

How Supacore was born

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