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Athlete Testimonials

" I started swimming to cross train due to pain I was getting in my back from my running. This also led to Sciatic Nerve Pain in my right leg and hip. I was never really sold on compression garments until I wore my Supacore Recovery Leggings. I was no longer stiff and sore and found that it was a lot easier to back up a morning training run with an evening session as a result"
- Vince Sesto, Swimmer & Runner -

" I loved my new Supacore vest during this weekend's ride. After 200km on the bike, I have no muscular pain in the back - something I was getting used to before I found Supacore!"
- Steve N, Cyclist, Melbourne -

"These would have to be the best compression garments on the market. I have been training as a sprinter for 20 years and finally I have found a compression garment that is super comfortable to run in whilst giving me the right amount of compression. I have used all the other brands over many years and Supacore is by far the best."
- Kelly S, Athletics Sprinter, Melbourne -
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