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Here at Supacore, we go beyond existing boundaries. We don’t just want to know what the best manufacturing technologies are, we want to go beyond them - we strive for innovation.

In addition to our seamless knitting technology, cutting down on production waste and ensuring that Supacore products outlast the competition, Supacore introduces RibTech® – a body-mapping micro-massaging feature designed to help you upgrade your performance. Our physiotherapist team advise that the process mimics kinesiology taping.

What is RibTech®?

RibTech® is present in both our upper body and lower body products. Essentially, RibTech® provides areas of tightly grouped “spring-like” sections over specific areas of the body. For example, in our CORETECH® shorts, RibTech® can be found over the glutes, hamstrings, hip and tensor fasciae latae (TFL) areas, as well as over the quadriceps area above the knee.

These spring-like sections expand and contract independently of the other section of the compressive garment, meaning the compressive forces of Supacore products are maintained throughout .

Why Do You Need It?

RibTech® body mapping technology is multi-purpose. On a supportive level, it supports underlying musculature in a similar way to kinesiology taping – ensuring additional dynamic support around muscles and joints while allowing safe and functional ranges of motion. On a muscle-activation level, it provides micro-massaging of underlying muscle groups which has been shown to improve muscle engagement and recruitment on a biomechanical level.

Essentially, RibTech® encourages and enables your body to work more efficiently with better support and helps minimize the risk of injury.

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