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Supacore Soccer / Football Compression

Supacore Soccer / Football Compression

Soccer injuries usually occurs whilst twisting, turning, kicking, and while engaging in a change of pace during a run, for example going from a jog into a sprint.

The most common types of injuries in soccer are leg related, which includes injuries to the calf, quadricep and hamstrings. 

It's also an astonishing fact that 7% of all soccer players experience Osteitis Pubis and will encounter a groin, hamstring or hip injury at least once in their playing career.This estimates to around 40m players around the globe at any one time.

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The Coretech short and or legging have assisted many players. With the patented ribbed high waistband and body mapping, the technology will replicate the body’s own deep stability system by providing targeted compressive forces throughout the pelvis and core.

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