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More on How Supacore Is Revolutionising The Sports Compression Industry

More on How Supacore Is Revolutionising The Sports Compression Industry

Supacore is the next big thing in sports compression industry and is keeping the Melbourne Rebels in peak playing condition with their specialised range of sports compression gear.

Utilising the latest in technology, garment construction and yarns, Supacore has teamed up with industry leaders to develop the ultimate range of compression products for your every training need.

How is Supacore different from other compression brands?


Supacore compression products are constructed using unique Seamless Technology, allowing specific compression to be engineered into the garment without the use of uncomfortable seams. Ensure you are able to perform at your peak, reduce the risk of injury and recover as fast as possible by supporting your body with compression from Supacore.

Who should be wearing Supacore?

  • All athletes (from beginners to professionals) who suffer from back, hamstring and groin injury and would like to keep playing and recuperate from injury faster. In particular, those recovering from osteitis pubis and other groin injuries.

  • All athletes (from beginners to professionals) who want to increase core stability.

  • All athletes wanting less soft tissue damage, increased blood circulation and faster recovery.

  • All athletes wanting to reduce the effect of DOMS (Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness) and increase blood circulation.

Unique CORETECH™ Technology and how it can help you.

The CORETECH™ range of shorts and leggings have a high compression  waistband and are the only shorts and leggings that can assist core stability and aid in the recovery and rehabilitation of hamstring, lower back and groin related injuries.

The CORETECH™ range is highly recommended for anyone who is susceptible to or recovering from a hamstring, lower back or groin related injury.

CORETECH engineering for improved core stability and support of hip, groin and hamstring injuries
  • Unique, patented waistband & core compression
  • Proven to help prevent & recover from osteitis pubis

Body mapped targeted compression for focused support of major muscle groups, resulting in less soft tissue damage

Graduated compression to increase blood circulation and reduce blood lactate for faster recovery

Seamless technology allowing for ultimate compression, comfort, fit and performance

Long lasting due to seamless knit - No fraying and stitch defects

High tech, durable, breathable microfibre weave allowing for longer product lifespan

Quick dry and moisture wicking features for vital moisture management

Optimal thermal properties allowing for rapid warm up and temperature maintenance during exercise


Jason Woodward and Mitch Inman tell us why they love wearing their Supacore Compression gear.

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