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Gymnast Alex Cullen

Supacore speeds up injury recovery for Gymnast Alex Cullen

Victorian Gymnast Alex Cullen talks to us about how Supacore helped speed up hey injury recovery.

Alex Cullen doing a hand standAlex wore the Supacore CORETECH Leggings during training and the Recovery Leggings after her sessions. The engineered waistband of the CORETECH Leggings meant that Alex's hip, hamstrings and groin were full stabilised during training, which prevented further injury and strain to the area. 

"I have had a hip and hamstring injury for over twelve months and as a competitive gymnast, this can be extremely frustrating. After trying the Supacore leggings my injury actually dramatically improved."

Alex Cullen doing a leapThe high level of compression meant that Alex was fully supported and could get back into her training routine much quicker that she would otherwise have been able to.

"Whilst it is not 100% healed, it is far better than it was and I have been able to get back into training properly as well as running and other activities. I've tried so many things that haven't worked and it was fantastic to have something that finally gave my hip some relief." 

Good luck with the rest of your recovery Alex and we hope to see you in Rio!
- Team Supacore

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