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Benefits of exercise during pregnancy

Benefits of exercise during pregnancy

We all know the importance of exercise whilst being pregnant …But here are a few more reasons why....

Doing a yoga class, a gym session ,a bike ride or a swim during pregnancy can help prevent diseases like type 2 diabetes and benefit your overall health. Most health care providers generally recommend that doing whatever exercise you can while pregnant is a great way to have a healthier and more comfortable pregnancy.

Exercising during pregnancy has been found to:

Improve your stamina and heart health.  As you may have already guessed, working out can improve your overall fitness. By strengthening your heart and blood vessels through workouts, you’re prepping your body to tackle another physical challenges yet to come: labor and delivery.

Reduce the risk of pregnancy complications .Certain conditions like gestational diabetes and preeclampsia can often develop during pregnancy so staying active can help keep your insulin levels in check and help reduce your blood pressure

Boost your mood .  Your hormones are a little all over the place during pregnancy – research has shown that exercise during pregnancy helps release endorphins that help improve mood and reduces stress and anxiety.

Ease back and pelvic pain. During pregnancy, hormones like relaxin are released to help the pelvis to accommodate the growing baby . This is the main cause of pelvic girdle instability and Pelvic Girdle Pain and adds extra pressure on your lower half, resulting in lower back pain. Supacore Coretech ® pregnancy shorts and leggings can help support your lower back and stabilise your pelvis during exercise.

Exercise during pregnancy has also been shown to help improve sleep , help with relief from constipation and speeding up post-delivery recovery.  But did you know that exercising whilst being pregnant can also benefit your child and your future grandchildren? Mind blowing right?

Studies have shown that Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity has an increased risk of transmission from obese mothers to both first and second generation offspring.

But did you know that the physical activity a woman does before child-bearing etches itself into her cells in ways that mean the benefits of exercise can be passed on to later generations? This includes her children and grandchildren. So if your grandmother was fit and a regular exerciser before childbearing, you could be reaping the benefits of this.exercise and health

These are the findings of a study that suggests that the exercise that your grandmother did has a profound effect on the metabolic health of her children and in turn, you her grandchild. So get exercising before, during and after pregnancy.

With any planned exercise we recommend that you get the go-ahead from your practitioner

Studies : The study was conducted by a team of researchers at Harvard Medical School with study's lead author, Laurie Goodyear, professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and senior investigator of Integrative Physiology and Metabolism at Joslin Diabetes Centre.

The findings suggest that exercise during pregnancy may help prevent obesity and diabetes not just in children, but in grandchildren as well.

Please read full article and study here

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