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How to recover like a World Cup Footballer

It’s that time of year – all of us here at Supacore have World Cup fever! We’ve had a special connection to football (in this case, soccer) since the development and release of our patented CORETECH® product which is designed to help those affected by sports injury conditions such as Osteitis Pubis, hamstring, hip, and groin injuries have less pain, increased recovery, and reduced risk of re-injury.

Soccer/Football, in particular, is part of the group of sports where the likelihood of an athlete developing an overuse condition such as Osteitis Pubis is significantly higher than other sports. Since the sports involves rapid stopping and starting, twisting, changes of direction at speed, and kicking motion, both amateur and professional level players are at risk of these types of injuries.

So, how can you recover like a World Cup footballer?

  1. Eat (and drink) like a pro: It’s no secret that diet and nutrition are important for every athlete, and the more exercise, training, and matches you play, the more important being on top of your nutrition becomes. This means making sure both the macronutrients (proteins, fats, and carbohydrates) and micronutrients (vitamins, minerals) are being consumed in adequate amounts for recovery purposes. While protein is predominantly recommended for muscular recovery, it’s important to note that essential fats such as omega 3’s help to reduce inflammation in joints, and carbohydrates contribute to refilling energy stores within muscle tissue (muscle glycogen). Getting enough water to prevent dehydration is important for nutrient delivery, and optimal mental and physical function.


  1. Stabilise your pelvis like a pro: Yep, who knew that pelvic stability was so important to reducing injury in football? Well – we did, but that’s our thing. Ensuring support of the sacroiliac region is of primary importance when correcting instability (reducing the risk of injury), minimizing pain, and helping the athlete return to sport more quickly after injury – whilst also helping to prevent re-injury. For this purpose, a compression product such as Supacore CORETECH® is key. Supacore CORETECH® products are being utilised by four of the Australian team for the World Cup in 2018.


  1. Sleep like a pro: Did you know that lack of sleep is one of the biggest contributors to poor performance? Ensuring optimal amounts of sleep as well as maintaining a regular sleeping pattern is key to maximising energy and performance levels during the day. Additionally, less than adequate sleep can result in poor mental and emotional health. Since peak performance has a large psychological aspect, the importance of sleep can’t be overlooked.

Socceroo players using Supacore

Socceroos using Supacore

Supacore would like to wish the Australian World Cup team the best of luck as they hit the field this weekend, we’re glad that our patented sports technology is able to help them recover and perform better throughout the competition.

Disclaimer: Please note that reading tips online should not replace getting advice from a medical professional. Although this list is provided by an ISSN sports nutrition specialist and sports therapist, it does not take into consideration your fitness or injury level. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure disease as a stand-alone document.


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