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Queens Park Rangers join Team Supacore

Queens Park Rangers join Team Supacore

We're proud to announce that Supacore is now the the exclusive compression partner for English Football Club the Queens Park Rangers.

This deal sees the Melbourne-based compression brand becoming the first Australian apparel company to become the exclusive compression partner for an English Football League team.

Having trialed the Supacore product for the past 12 months among other brands, the 130 year old club have selected Supacore based on the innovative technical aspect of the product. QPR players have already been wearing the product for training and during recovery, as have the Academy, QPR‘s next generation of footballers.

The QPR ladies team will also be sponsored by the Supacore brand when the women’s range is released later this month.

QPR Commercial Manager Euan Inglis is looking forward to a strong future with Supacore.

“We are very happy to be working with Supacore this year. The brand’s innovation and research and development have brought out some unique product which the players have embraced.”

QPR midfielder and Socceroos star Massimo Luongo has been a longtime fan of the Supacore brand, crediting it’s patented technology with speeding up his recovery from pubic overload.

“Supercore’s products are essential for my recovery – I feel like I can’t train without them,” says Luongo.

Luongo has made eighteen appearances playing for the Australian national team since 2014, was a member of the squad at the 2014 FIFA World Cup played a central role in Australia winning the 2015 AFC Asian Cup.

The innovation and science behind the brand were major factors in the clubs decision to move forward with the deal. QPR’s Head of Medical Services Mathew May acknowledges that the players have benefitted with the patented coretech technology.

“Recovery times have improved and assistance with pubic overload and Osteitis pubis have been noticed,” says May.

The Supacore compression range is designed to assist with injury prevention and recovery. The garments are manufactured without any side seams (to avoid irritation and ensure maximum targeted compression) cutting edge body-mapping technology then focuses on increasing blood flow to the major muscles groups. Supacore’s patented Coretech technology effectively mimics the human bodies own deep internal stabilizing system and can help prevent hip, groin and lower back injuries. Finally, the recovery range employs high grade medical compression to speed up the recovery process post-exercise.

“Injury prevention and recovery is a major issue in all levels of sport. None more so than in football where the potential cost to the club can be huge. Supacore is all about injury prevention and recovery. How can we reduce the risk of injury for a player and how can we get them back on the pitch as quickly as possible” Michel Abeysekera. CEO Supacore.

“Their CoretechTM technology aids essential core stability and we are hoping to effectively reduce injury and recovery times. We look forward to working with Supacore and exploring their future innovation.” says Performance enhancement consultant Chris Barnes

Supacore will launch their women’s range which is described as “functional fashion” in November 2016.

For the full story visit the QPR website.

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