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Patented Men's CORETECH® Compression Shorts for groin, hamstring , OP, and hip related injury - Nude


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Best  Compression Shorts for Men

Why choose Coretech® shorts?

If you have osteitis pubis, groin, hip or hamstring injury, or a related condition caused by pelvic instability you will benefit from these Coretech® shorts.Coretech® leggings have been approved and are endorsed by the Australian Chiropractors Association.

Heath benefit rebates may be available - check here


  Why are Coretech® shorts different to other compression shorts?

  • Patented waistband technology built in (knitted) sacroiliac joint belt to provide compression to the pelvis and core.
  • 25mmHG level 1 grade compression ensuring improved blood flow to the muscles.
  • Seamless knitting technology for comfort, longevity and less waste during the production process.
  • Ribtech® body mapped ribbing over glutes , hamstring, hip ,tensor fasciae latae and quadriceps providing micro massaging ( mimicking kinesiology).


 Level of Compression

High level of compression

High/Firm  grade compression 25 mmhg

"Wearing them after a match or day's play allows me to wake up the next day and feel ready to train or play again." 

   Tim Paine, Wicket keeper, Captain, Australian Cricket Team
"Coretech has helped me with osteitis pubis and kept me on the park" 

   Massimo Luongo, Midfielder, Australian Socceroos
"The Coretech shorts are a big hit at GWS. Need some more!" 

   David Joyce, Performance manager, GWS Giants


"We use Coretech for any pelvic related issues" 

   Colin Lewin, Performance, Arsenal FC

  When should you wear them for best benefit?

You should wear Supacore Coretech ® shorts during training and competition, and post-training for anywhere between 2 - 24 hours.

  Who uses Coretech?

In our experience athletes who play sports which involve twisting, turning, kicking, and a sudden change of pace seem to be the majority of users.
Particularly: Football (all codes), hockey, gymnastics, ballet, skiing, snowboarding.

You may be eligible for a Private Health Fund Rebate. Please check your fund for eligibility.



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