patented technology which is classified as a medical device in Australia & the EU

Injury Assistance

Supacore compression garments utilise unique technology to ensure you get the best protection against injury, while getting the ultimate in performance apparel.


The seamlessly constructed high compression CORETECH waistband provides 360 degree compression to support the core to minimise the risk of injuries and help maintain alignment during all types of activity. It also provides greater compression to abs and lower back muscles to keep the core engaged, stabilised & aligned even during the most vigorous work out.

Our engineered targeted graduated compression has also been developed to ensure that your lower torso is well supported during exercise. Supacore's body mapped compression has been built into the garments to assist in keeping muscles supported, stable and aligned, especially targeting the groins, quads, hamstrings, gluteus and calf muscles, all without the use of uncomfortable seams. The Supacore engineered compression results in a reduction in the delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS) and muscle vibration,an enhancement of blood flow and a reduction in lactic acid build up, all of which assist to minimise the risk of injury.


Supacore has engineered seamless garments that will strengthen, assist and support the upper torso by targeting specific muscles groups. As the core is vital to all movements, a light to medium compression has been designed to wrap, compress and support the lower back and abdominal muscles for core support, alignment, and stability. Engineered medium compression has been developed for support of the upper back and deltoids to ensure continued postural alignment and support of shoulder movements, which are most susceptible to injury.Ventilation structures and moisture management properties have also been built in, allowing for the body to quickly warm and then maintain ultimate performance temperature.

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