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How Supacore is Revolutionising the Sports Compression Industry

A new era in compression wear technology - welcome to Supacore.  

Supacore is a company driven by innovation, offering a range of athletic wear incorporating body-mapped compression and seamless construction.  

With over 6 years in research and development, Supacore have launched CORETECH™; the only seamless compression garment proven to reduce length and severity of hamstring, groin and lower back pain and providing a solution for athletes who suffer from osteitis pubis.

With the support of industry leaders in strength and conditioning as well as a team of skilled physiotherapists, Supacore continues to create product that is ahead of its competitors in the compression field.

How Supacore was born - "The Lightbulb Moment"

Supacore’s innovation was born out of necessity.

Supacore’s Parent Company LM has been an innovator of seamless knitting for many years and has been a distributor of seamless fashion leggings into the market place. A fashion designer working at Supacore’s parent company in Melbourne had been involved in a car accident and was in recovery with a broken back.

Years later in 2006 during her regular physiotherapy appointments, her specialist recommended that she wear a sacroiliac belt for lower back support in between her sessions. She was a very attractive girl, well presented but the sacroiliac belt did not compliment her look. 

One day when designing a pair of seamless fashion leggings the thought came to us that we should increase the compression around the waist to that of the sacroiliac belt. LM decided to trial this and after wear testing a few samples she found they were just as effective at the belt but could we worn under any outfit. When she visited her Physiotherapist next appointment she mentioned how the compression shorts alleviated her pain and how she did not need the belt anymore.

Her Physio Carol was amazed and being an expert in Osteitis pubis, asked if she could have similar shorts developed for her Football clients who were afflicted with OP.

And so the CORETECH™ technology was born. This technology was then trialed over 7 years in collaboration with sports physiotherapists and elite clubs including Sydney Swans, Queens Park Rangers and LA Galaxy.


How does it work?

Supacore has been monitoring industry research and conducting its own, creating a product that:

  • Improves athlete's physical performance
  • Speeds up recovery time
  • Helps heal sports injuries
  • Reduces pelvic instability
  • Aids in core stability
  • Reduces risk of further injury aggravations

Compression on the body can be extremely beneficial for athletes who've injured themselves. Let's say you're a runner with a sprained ankle. If you wear compression sock as you heal, the lactic acid and blood flow that is being compressed will help your muscles repair themselves. More blood means more oxygen is getting carried to your muscles. This will help your injury heal and aid in rehabilitation by applying a balanced surface over the injured part of the body. In no time at all, you'll be back outside or on the treadmill.

Less Injury, more play

When it comes to exercising, nobody wants to spend time on the sidelines. No football player wants to be on the bench with a hamstring or groin injury, and sports clubs don't want to lose players who never recover from an injury. In fact, annual losses for sports clubs globally due to injury is estimated in multi millions of dollars.

Supacore aims to stem this flow of injured athletes with its unique technology, getting sports and exercise fanatics off the sidelines and back doing what they love. 

  • CORETECH™ Engineering gives you improved core stability and supports any hip, groin and hamstring injuries
  • Body mapped targeted compression for focused stability on major muscle groups resulting in fewer soft tissue injuries
  • Graduated compression to increase the blood circulation and reduce blood lactate for a faster recovery cycle
  • Seamless technology allows for the ultimate in comfort, compression, fit and performance
  • High tech, durable, breathable microfibre allows a longer product lifespan
  • Quick dry and moisture wicking features allow for faster drying times
  • Optimal thermal properties cause the compression gear to warm up and maintain a warmer temperature, which is especially great for winter sports

Outrunning the Competition

Supacore has looked at its competition to see where it succeeds and where it falls flat. From there, we have given our products exactly what our competitors are lacking.

It starts with our technology. Our CORETECH™ Engineering was created to provide the best in stabilising the core, which is the group of muscles that support the spine and pelvis. Players and athletes need these muscles to move around so protecting them is so important. Our seamless technology offers that sleek comfort and fit that's become so popular. It also offers the best in compression and performance, making it a reliable product you can count on no matter how hard you work.

In this global compression market, which generates about $5 billion in sales alone each year, the major players are 2XU, Underarmour, Puma, Skins and Adidas. We're looking to run with the big boys, and we're already a head of the curve. More of these brands focus mostly on performance and recovery after a workout, but none of them assist in injury recovery. 

These brands also don't have the seamless garments that Supacore has. The company has been perfecting this seamless knitting for 12 years, leveraging a competitive advantage in this field. 

Big time athletes already love the benefits of Supacore:

“The support waistband and seamless knit technology are the main reasons why I prefer to wear Supacore. I enjoy the versatility of the Coretech and recovery range and have found them to be the most comfortable, most durable and most effective compressionwear I have tried. ” Kurt Gidley - Captain of the Newcastle Knights - National Rugby League

“Supacore compression beats any other product on the market. I have used them all and I find my recovery is much faster when wearing Supacore.” Bruce Djite - Striker for Adelaide United - Football (Soccer)

To find out more about Supacore’s compression technology, contact us here.

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