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Be prepared for fitness success: 5 tips from the professionals

January has the highest rate of people starting new training programs. Whether it’s getting out in the sun for some outdoor training in the southern hemisphere, or realising there are only 5 months until the start of Summer in the northern hemisphere – the goal is the same: buckle down on those fitness goals!

Our team of health and fitness professionals has put together this great list of tips that are going to ensure you’re fully prepared for fitness goal success:

1. See your health professional/s.

It sounds like a simple one, but the majority of people who look to start a new training regime are often starting for the first time or after a long hiatus. Getting a current understanding of your level of health and fitness is essential to preventing injury or illness.

  • A top list of health professionals you may want to see:

GP: How long has it been since your last blood test? Make sure you’re not compromised by nutritional deficiencies or illness prior to starting.

Physiotherapist: Address any soreness or check up on old existing injuries – one of the most common pre-cursors to injury is a previous injury that has not healed correctly.

Podiatrist: Often forgotten, our feet position affects our knees, hips, and lower back. Whether it’s running or squatting, foot health and stability matters.


 2. Find the right training program for you.

Some of us train better with a coach calling the shots, whilst others prefer to set their own training program from various sources on the internet. Neither of these approaches is wrong, but it’s important that if you’re unsure of how to perform a strength based or any movement that could result in injury, that you consult a trainer or staff member.

  • A top list of training program sources:

Personal Trainer or Coach: Generally your local gym will have a selection of personal trainers or coaches, and many operate online. Depending on your focus, the opportunity to connect with someone who specialises in your desired activity is only a google search away.

The App Store: Top apps for training programs include

  • Couch to 5k: Great for running beginners
  • Couch to 10k: For the more advanced runner who can comfortably achieve 5k
  • Weight Loss Fitness: This app sets goals and updates your plan based on AI from your feedback.
  • 8fit: This app focuses on fitness programs as well as nutrition programs.

 3. Be prepared with the right equipment

If you’re serious about preventing injury and reaching your fitness goals, making sure you’ve got the right equipment is important for health and safety.

  • A top list of equipment for fitness:

The right shoes: Again with the feet. Make sure your shoes are the right type for your foot shape (wide or narrow), your foot movement (neutral, rolling in or out), and your activity.

Compression Gear: We all know by now that compression gear helps us perform better and helps us to prevent injury. It also helps us recover better – remember DOMS? Yep, that’s in your future. Make sure you get the right product for you, whether it’s for training, recovery, or injury management.

Smart Watch/Pedometer: from Fitbits to Apple watches, the addition of smart devices can markedly improve our chances of success when it comes to fitness - from tracking steps to heart rate to reminders.

 4. Tracking and Accountability

The number one indicator of goal success is making sure you’re accountable to someone. Whether this is to a coach, a fitness community online, a friend, or an app is totally up to you and what you feel comfortable with. Making sure you track your performance and set small interim goals on your way to your larger goal will also increase your chances of success.

 5. Motivation

Surrounding yourself with people, quotes, and rewards that are going to motivate you to continue on with your goal in the tough moments is incredibly important. Find five people who motivate you on each of your social media channels and put a list of quotes into your smartphone, or print them and put them up on your fridge or mirrors at home. Motivate yourself with smaller rewards for interim goal achievements and enjoy the journey.

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