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Postpartum Self-Care: The Role of Compression Wear for Abdominal Separation

There’s no surprise that physical activity is a great way to stay healthy during pregnancy and after childbirth. Although many pregnant and postpartum women still feel limited in the types of activities they can engage in, owing to the extra strain on their bodies and the delicacy of their health.
Having said that, compression wear can be a great addition to help you stay active and super comfortable! The specific form of clothing is designed to offer support and stability to the body - whether that’s during an intense workout or any other sort of regular activity. In addition, the fabric is lightweight and breathable so it can regulate your body temperature throughout the workout.
However, there are many specific issues that may persist throughout pregnancy or after childbirth. While compression wear offers extra support to help reduce fatigue in the lower back and abdomen, and swelling in the legs, ankles and feet, it can also help with abdominal separation.

How Does Abdominal Separation Occur?

Also known as diastasis recti, it is typically defined as the partial or complete separation of the rectus abdominis muscle - which are basically the “six-packs” we all know about. It’s a common condition, especially in pregnant women. In most cases, it occurs when the connective tissue between the left and right parts of the rectus abdominis muscle is stretched and thinned beyond its limit. Hence, the two sides began to move further apart.

During pregnancy, it’s common to see these muscles weaken and stretch due to excessive abdominal strain. Hence, post-partum women can often see a visible gap between their two abdominal muscles, which results in a bulge in their stomach. This leads to reduced core strength and stability, increased back pain, and poor posture.

Having said that, abdominal separation isn’t just limited to pregnant or post-partum women. In fact, it is a common condition that can affect various kinds of individuals - from infants and young children to older adults.

Extreme and/or Sudden Weight Gain

The condition leads to the separation of muscles along the midline, which is caused due to increased pressure on the abdominal wall. Much like pregnancy, rapid weight gain can also cause a similar effect as the increased abdominal fat pushes against the abdominal wall.

Extreme and/or Sudden Weight Loss

When you lose fat, the muscles of the abdominal wall become weaker and laxer, allowing them to easily separate, In addition to that, abdominal muscles can also increase intra-abdominal pressure which can also contribute to this.

Having said that, the same condition can also occur when individuals engage in certain exercises or activities that involve extreme abdominal strain. This is typically seen in people following intensive workout routines to lose weight faster.

How Does Compression Wear Help With Abdominal Separation?

Compression wear is designed to provide extra support and stabilisation to the abdomen, thereby, reducing the strain and pressure of the abdominal muscles. During pregnancy, these abdominal muscles tend to naturally stretch and separate to accommodate the growing fetus.
However, during the post-partum period, the abdominal muscles remain separated, leading to multiple health concerns. Compression wear provides gentle compression to the abdomen, to gently pull the muscles back together. Hence, this reduces abdominal separation and relieves back pain. In addition, it improves postures, reduces swelling, and also speeds up the overall recovery process!

Using Compression Wear in Combination with Physical Activity

The key to the transformational effects is the fabric used in this form of clothing. Typically, compression wear is made from a strong elastic material designed for a snug fit on the body. This, in turn, creates an extra layer of support for the abdominal muscles and helps pull them back together to reduce the appearance and impact of abdominal separation.

But that’s not all.

Compression wear also offers extra support to the core which is often weakened during pregnancy and the post-partum period. This helps relieve pain and discomfort. Moreover, throughout the pregnancy, the increased weight and swelling can put pressure on the veins leading to the development of varicose veins.

Not only does this pose a health concern, but it also hinders your movement, impacting your day-to-day activities. Compression wear can make movement more comfortable by reducing the cumulative pressure on the veins. Hence, it allows pregnant and post-partum women to stay active and a lot more comfortable!

Psychological Benefits of Wearing Compression Wear

Other than the multiple physical benefits of compression wear, it can also help provide emotional support to pregnant and post-partum women who may struggle with self-esteem issues due to the various changes in their bodies.

With a snug fit that blurs out the bulges and offers a more toned appearance of the body, many women find that wearing compression wear often helps boost their confidence! During this period, women often experience decreased circulation owing to the extra weight. This can lead to swelling, fatigue, and a decrease in overall energy, which can often raise various mental health concerns as well.

Compression wear improves blood flow which restores energy levels and reduces swelling, so these women can enjoy various kinds of activities without worrying about discomfort. All in all, wearing compression wear can help boost self-esteem as it provides a sense of security and support. Hence, it also helps reduce feelings of anxiety and stress, while the gentle pressure of the clothing also helps promote relaxation.

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If you’re one of the pregnant or post-partum women suffering from abdominal separation - you’re not alone. It’s a common condition that affects various individuals around the world.
Compression wear is specifically designed to provide relief from abdominal separation and help you get through this difficult period. On top of that, it also improves circulation, reduces swelling, and offers extra support for your growing body as it goes through multiple changes!
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