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Our patented technology is unique in its design and functionality. It is a result of 10 years of scientific research and development.

The technology has been developed by physiotherapists to incorporate the compression provided by a sacro-iliac belt/ belly belt into leggings and shorts that can be worn during, sport and exercise.


CORETECH® has been developed for all levels of sportsmen (elite athletes to weekend warriors) to assist with enhancing performance, post-match recovery, minimizing risk injury, and rehabilitation from injuries including:

1. Osteitis pubis
2. Hamstring injury
3. Gilmore's groin
4. Groin disruption
5. Groin injury
6. Inguinal disruption
      7. Diastasis recti
      8. Sportsman's hernia
      9. Athletic Pubalgia
      10. Adductor muscles strain
      11. Pubic Symphysis support
      12. Pelvic instability

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          For injury recovery and prevention

          Usually, injury occurs during sports which involve twisting, turning, kicking, and ones where there is a rapid change of pace. CORETECH®™, will be of benefit during but not exclusively to the following sporting activities:

          • Football
          • Cricket
          • Rugby
          • Racket sports

          • Hockey
          • Skiing and Snowboarding

             The body mapped medical grade compression in the shorts and legging  encourages blood flow to key areas,  assisting the body and help  accelerate the rehabilitation of recently damaged tissue through the control of your lower body movements.

            For performance

            Athletes tested using force plates were shown to have improvement in the vertical jump  of 10.37% and propulsion of 7.6%. The alignment and stability of the pelvic area allows athletes to perform better. The results of the athletes tested in non-compressive garments showed low results.





            The CORETECH® pregnancy short s and leggings assist with  pelvic stability, sciatica and lower back pain.


            The Coretech® shorts and leggings helps support deep core muscles and stabilizes the pelvis as the body recovers from the rigours of pregnancy. Related conditions such as Abdominal Separation (Diastasis Recti), and C-section recovery are alleviated.

            Performance for women

            Female athletes were  tested using force plates were shown to have improvement in the vertical jump  of 10.37% and propulsion of 7.6%. The alignment and stability of the pelvic area allows athletes to perform better. The results of the athletes tested in non-compressive garments showed low results.

            Injury recovery for women.

            Womens Coretech® leggings and shorts have a built-in sacroiliac belt/back brace to stabilise the pelvis and activate the core.

            With the Ribtech® body mapped ribbing over the glutes, hamstring, hip, tensor fasciae latae, and quadriceps it accelerates the rehabilitation of damaged tissue by controlling the lower body movement.

            Many of our female customers find relief from Osteitis pubis, hamstring and groin injury, adductor strain and pelvic instability.


            Here at Supacore, we’re obsessed with making improvements that actually help. Partnering with physiotherapistS, chiropractors and athletes, we’ve identified specific areas on the human body that need additional support in order to make sure we function well physically as part of a holistic whole.

            We’re interested in looking at the way that we can help you sit, stand, and move better, faster, and with less pain. One of the ways that we’ve achieved that through our range of Supa - X® high-quality compression and training tops. 


            What does Supa-X® do?

            Supa-X® is present through all of our upper body compression ranges, and it’s a feature that uses our RibTech® technology in order to place additional supporting tension through areas that typically carry significant strain, tension, or injury. These additional sections of compressive force enable the body to easily shift into a position that is posturally aligned, thereby reducing pressure and pain, and helping to increase performance. This extra "X" of support between your shoulder blades, and across your lower back helps you sit straighter, stand taller, and move better. Not only does it help whilst you're wearing it - postural muscles correct when you use them. The more you wear Supacore, the better and stronger you stay when you take them off.


            Why do you need it?

            Injury, handheld device usage ( text neck) and the uptick in the amount of time we're spending at our desks is a leading factor in postural problems that lead to chronic pain syndromes like upper-crossed, and lower-crossed syndrome. These chronic problems decrease our strength, our fitness, and our enjoyment of life in general. Not to mention the pain they cause.


            How should you wear it?

            Wear them during training, underneath your work gear (they wick moisture too!), at the gym - take advantage of Supacore sportswear technology during the everyday opportunities to improve, even while you're not training.


            Supacore Supa-X®




            Here at Supacore, we go beyond existing boundaries. We don’t just want to know what the best manufacturing technologies are, we want to go beyond them - we strive for innovation.

            In addition to our seamless knitting technology, cutting down on production waste and ensuring that Supacore products outlast the competition, Supacore introduces RibTech® – a body-mapping micro-massaging feature designed to help you upgrade your performance. Our physiotherapist team advise that the process mimics kinesiology taping.

            What is RibTech®?

            RibTech® is present in both our upper body and lower body products. Essentially, RibTech® provides areas of tightly grouped “spring-like” sections over specific areas of the body. For example, in our CORETECH® shorts, RibTech® can be found over the glutes, hamstrings, hip and tensor fasciae latae (TFL) areas, as well as over the quadriceps area above the knee.

            These spring-like sections expand and contract independently of the other section of the compressive garment, meaning the compressive forces of Supacore products are maintained throughout .

            Why Do You Need It?

            RibTech® body mapping technology is multi-purpose. On a supportive level, it supports underlying musculature in a similar way to kinesiology taping – ensuring additional dynamic support around muscles and joints while allowing safe and functional ranges of motion. On a muscle-activation level, it provides micro-massaging of underlying muscle groups which has been shown to improve muscle engagement and recruitment on a biomechanical level.

            Essentially, RibTech® encourages and enables your body to work more efficiently with better support and helps minimize the risk of injury.

            Purchase now and get the support you need


            Why Seamless knitting technology matters - Innovative and sustainable

            Seamless technology by Supacore

            We are obsessed with improving everything. This includes our products, our people, our business, and our customers lives. When we had our epiphany around our CORETECH® technology, we wanted to make sure that we not only upgraded the function of compression sportswear as we know it, but that we upgraded the way we produce and manufacture as well. We’ve taken traditional sports performance wear and given it a serious upgrade with our seamless knitting technology. Like everything that we do;

            It matters because:

            Seamless knitting improves the durability and lifetime of Supacore fabrications. Traditional apparel manufacturing (cut and sew) involves pieces of fabric being measured, cut to size, and then sewn together by hand or by a machine (or a combination of both). This means an increased probability of product fault, both in the sizing of the product and for every seam where the fabric is joined. It also means that over the time, the chances of both the product tearing and the compression forces throughout changing due to a weakening of the seams are increased – diminishing the quality,durability and lifetime of your product.

            It matters because:

             We’re serious about your health, fitness, and injury recovery. You buy them because you want to improve your performance, to prevent injury, and to recover better. Seamless technology is at the “cutting edge” of clothing manufacture, and because the garment is produced in one piece, we’re able to fine tune the compression of each area to suit the muscles of the body. Traditional cutting and sewing methods mean producing to a pattern, where there can be numerous irregularities with  errors in the compressive forces within the garment.

            It matters because:

             It’s better for the environment. Traditional “Cut and Sew” techniques involve outlining a deconstructed garment pattern to a flat piece of fabric, cutting out the pieces, and then sewing them together.No matter how efficient the fabric technicians are, there are a certain number of offcuts that are thrown away from the production of a garment. If a pair of tights made in a cut and sew technique has approximately 125g of off cuts per garment, and 1000 pairs are produced… that’s 125kg of waste. Seamless production means zero waste. Each product is made to exact specifications, removing the need for cutting, and removing the waste. Here at Supacore, we want to keep living, running, and training in a world that’s healthy and well looked after, so reducing our impact on the environment is an important part of our values.

            Your choice in the products you purchase matters.

            Supacore Efforts to reduce Environmental Footprint

            Our Production Process Involves Seamless Knitting Technology consumes 35% Less Energy than competitors.



            Supacore has made significant efforts to reduce its environmental footprint.

            Our production process involving seamless knitting technology consumes 35 % less energy than competitors using the traditional cut and sew method. Seamless knitting ( created directly from yarns) can reduce waste as there are no scraps or offcuts produced during the production process. Additionally, seamless knitting improves the durability and longevity of garments, reducing the need for frequent replacements. With minimal post knitting operations a sustainable garment is created.

            The company has set a target to reduce its use of manmade fibres by introducing more sustainable fibres like organic cotton, recycled polyester, and or bamboo.

            Our goal is to convert our entire range by 2025 to sustainable fibres.

            Additionally, seamless knitting can improve the durability and longevity of garments, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

             Other initiatives include investing in compostable packaging which can be broken down through a composting process and turned into nutrient-rich soil. And initiating minimalist packaging which uses as little material as possible to protect the product and reduce waste.


            We believe that diversity and inclusion are essential for building a strong and resilient workforce. Our company is committed to creating a workplace that reflects the diversity of the communities we serve. 

            Human Rights

            We recognize that our operations have the potential to impact human rights in the communities where we operate. We are committed to respecting human rights and promoting responsible business practices throughout our operations. We have implemented policies and procedures to prevent forced labour, child labour, and other human rights abuses. We also engage with our stakeholders to identify and address any human rights issues that may arise.


            Our company is committed to ensuring that our operations have a positive impact on people. We believe that by promoting diversity and inclusion, maintaining strong health and safety standards, providing fair labour practices, respecting human rights, and engaging with our communities, we can build a sustainable and responsible business that benefits all stakeholders.

            We will continue to monitor and improve our performance in these areas to ensure that we are meeting the highest standards of social responsibility.

            We prioritize transparent governance by maintaining clear and ethical business practices, disclosing information about our social and environmental impact, and engage with stakeholders to receive feedback and make improvements.

            Lesley Abeysekera


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