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William "The Bull" Bullard is here in Melbourne touring with the Harlem Globetrotters.

Read about him, why he does what he does, and why he loves Supacore.

Name: William Bullard

Location: Newark, De, USA

Tell us a bit about yourself – what sports do you play and how long have you been doing it for?


The sport that I play is basketball and I’ve been playing for 20 years now. I’ve always been athletic and it has brought me great opportunities in life. The reason I got into basketball was due to the fact I was in foster care when I was younger and my foster mom wanted me to get out the house besides sitting around being down about my situation. So she told me to go outside and play, I went outside picked up a basketball and the rest is history!

What’s your greatest or favourite (or both) sporting achievement?


My greatest achievement in life was the day the Harlem Globetrotters called me to come try out for their team and interview. Prior to that, I was in the NCAA college dunk contest that aired on ESPN and they saw me on there. So I went in for that interview and try out 10 years ago and today I am still a Harlem Globetrotter! My greatest achievement, in my life, was finding my father who I didn’t grow up with as a kid. When I found him we hugged for forever I think. He was so proud of me and my achievements that it made me feel complete! So I achieve something through him by finding him. Another one is being one of the tallest competitors on season 12 of American ninja warrior and making it all the way to the Las Vegas finals! I went on to compete the next two years and t was a very funny experience for me! Rumor has it that I was the reason they made the course tougher cause I clowned it so bad haha!

What do you love about what you do?

The reason I love being a Globetrotter/personal training is that I love helping and healing people whether it’s through laughter or training! Workouts help me get to know people so we can fight their fitness struggle together because we don’t leave anyone behind at “BULLBODYPROJECT”. Making people smile is second nature to me now and it feels good when I can make people laugh for the few hours they come check me out to do my job. You never know what someone is going through, and coming to one of the games we have can take your mind off that for those two hours!

What keeps you motivated to keep active and continue playing your sport? 

I've always been motivated to stay in shape and play sports because I love the lifestyle of being fit and in shape! Now I use my daughters as motivation as when they get older I want to be able to run around with them and play and have fun!

What would you tell someone who was looking to achieve what you have, or what’s the best piece of advice that someone has ever given you that’s helped you to get to where you are today? 

My advice is “Do what you want to do in life” it’s your life so why not live it the way you want? Never care about what anyone thinks about you, usually, the people that have something to say, are the people who want what you have! Follow your own path and stay positive and focused. Times are testing and it may be a place of darkness in your life, that’s when you look back and use what motivated you back then to keep pushing today! We all have down times. No one is perfect, but you can live the happiest life you ever wanted if you focused on you !!

Why did you want to be a part of Team Supacore? 

I was introduced to Supacore a few years ago when I was filming a TV game in Venice Beach and I didn’t have any compression product. So I ran into a guy who had some tights - he gave them to me and the second I put them on I said: "Wow.... this is unreal and they feel and fit great!" Then I read up on Supacore and was like yes, I need to be a part of this family!  Something I always tell my people to read up on and with Supacore it’s all of that!!

What’s your current favourite Supacore product and why?

I really like the Supacore Men's Training Compression Leggings for me because I do so many things at 6’4 - from acrobatics to dunking and more things and I wanted something that was comfortable. With other brands, I wasn’t getting that. But now I have it with these and the rehabilitation part of it is my type of deal!

Where can people find you if they want to learn more about you? 

Come and check out my social posts

Instagram; @bullbody84
Twitter: @bullbody84
Facebook: William Bullard




William Bullard Supacore

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