"The Supacore Coretech range has aided in our injury prevention protocols in 3 ways; by providing extra lumbo-pelvic support decreasing the load during all training and match day activities, the added proprioceptive feedback during running plays a major role in increasing player movement efficiency and having the players wear the recovery leggings on all flights has speeded up the recovery process. Compared to previous BBL competitions, the muscle rating for all Melbourne Star players 24hr post match have decreased."

Adrian Mott

Strength & Conditioning Coach - Victorian Bushrangers & Melbourne Stars

"I had been suffering from pelvic pain on my long runs and started looking for some support pants to buy online, after some research I decided to order Supacore  CORETECH injury recovery and postpartum compression shorts all the way from Australia to Iceland to try it out. I did not regret that, I love my pants and they really help on my long runs and I ran my 55 km ultra marathon in them without any pelvic pain. After the run I then wore my  CORETECH injury recovery and postpartum compression leggings, because I ordered another one right after I got to know the brand. Just love them and they do work."

Sigrún Haraldsdóttir

Mother of 5 and Ultra runner, Iceland

"I use Supacore Coretech to help me recover from training. The next day I wake up with less pain. I noticed the medical grade compression also assists with my training."


Midfielder for the Australian International Soccer Team and Atletico Madrid

"I appreciate how lucky I am to have had such a great recovery from my third C-section. And this one has surprisingly been my easiest. I have for the first time worn recovery shorts, I used the @supacore ones and felt so supported especially around the swelling of my scar. So I definitely recommend them and will be to my clients! These photos are a little check that I’ve done before returning to any form of exercise."


Head Teacher - Ballet

"We have trialled the Coretech shorts with two members of the squad and have had positive results."


Physiotherapist, Manchester city FC

"This is by far my favorite Supacore design and it should be a staple in anyone's wardrobe. The coretech waistband provides strong compression to the core to remain injury free. I've gone through so many tights, but nothing can compare to the quality and design of these. Stop wasting your money on cheap tights. These will last long and are worth 10 times more."


Strength & nutrition coach

"Coretech has added features which no one else has. Helps me with my training schedule and any pelvic and groin related problems."


Australian International football player /CerezaOsaka

“I have personally been using and referring my patients to the Supacore range since I was introduced to the product. Having the ability to direct patients to an amazing product that is used by some of the biggest soccer clubs in Europe, as well as AFL and NRL clubs is amazing. Be it for the weekend warrior, semi or professional athlete to their amazing pre and post pregnancy recovery shorts, you can have confidence in using Supacore products for you and your patients”.

Dr. Craig Skicko

B Ap Sc(Comp Med Chiro) M Clin Chiro

“During the World Cup, the Supacore CORETECH®️ shorts helped me get over my pubic overload and kept me feeling fresh and strong”.

Andrew Nabbout

International football player /Melbourne City

"The Supacore Coretech shorts have helped me with my overload and keep me on the park."

Massimo Luongo

Australian International Football player / Sheffield Wednesday

"I’ve been wearing the Supacore shorts during and after runs and I really like them. I had a cesarean three months ago and I’ve been really careful when running, and the Supacore shorts provide additional compression and support to my lower abdomen, hips and pelvis. I don’t pull up sore afterwards. My husband is a physiotherapist and has already started recommending them to clients, especially women runners with some pelvic instability. Thanks so much for bringing the Supacore to my life."

Laura Hill

New mum / Long Distance Runner

"Supacore CORETECH® prevents injury and speeds recovery decreasing injury time."

Lachlan Penfold

Director of Performance, Melbourne Storm

"Supacore has assisted me with core stability and remaining fit."

Adam Goodes

Ex Sydney Swans, dual premiership player, four-time All-Australian, member of the Indigenous Team of the Century, Brownlow Medalist, and Australian of the year

"I think that the shorts are the best around. I am 60 now and just finished my soccer season and was playing the full game every week. I could not have done it without Supacore holding my hamstrings, hips and lower back together. I will now have my daughter wearing them and are working on the rest of the family. Keep up the good work and thanks!"

Clive Kennedy

"Hello Supacore,

As a hockey player I have been troubled with a groin strain for 16 months. A friend recommended your product and I bought it as a trial having tried everything else.

I was considering surgery. Having work it for 32 months I think I have fully recovered. Seems magical but I am training again .. back on the park...wonderful...thank you thank you.

I am a strong supporter of your brand..keep up the great work by the way your after sales service is equally good."

Jen Evans

Hockey Player

“We have been using Supacore’s patented Coretech compression for the last year now and it has become an integral adjunct to our management of lumbopelvic dysfunctions, and pelvic overload syndromes.

“We have been pleased with how it effectively reduces the loss of training time and match play through its external compression, as well as providing support allowing early progressive rehabilitative programs”.

“We are also pleased with the recovery compression garments, with many players reporting reduction in DOMS and fatigue post matches thus reducing player recovery time”

Matthew May

Head of Medical Services, Queens Park Rangers FC

"Supacore helps me with my core strength. I use it during competition."

Cam Bolton

Australian Olympic Snowboarder

"The support waistband and seamless knit technology are the main reasons why I prefer to wear Supacore. I enjoy the versatility of both the CORETECH™ and recovery range offered and have found them to be the most comfortable, most durable and most effective compression wear I have tried."

Kurt Gidley

Warrington Wolves Super League & Rugby League / Australian International

"As a wicket keeper I am constantly using all the muscles in my legs during a match. In a T20 match I could do up to 120 squats but in a full day of Sheffield Shield that number could be over 500. The recovery tights have helped me get back to my peak for each T20 or one-day game or each day of a Sheffield Shield match. Wearing them after a match or day’s play allows me to wake up the next day and feel ready to train or play again."

Tim Paine

Wicket Keeper Hobart Hurricanes / Captain Australian National team

"I have been wearing Supacore during all matches, training and whilst travelling around Australia. The big standout that makes Supacore unique is the added support provided to my lower back whilst bowling and standing in the field. This added feature aids me to get through each match with ease allowing for a faster recovery rate so backing up my performances between matches and training sessions is not an issue. The extra bonus of the Supacore product range that separates it from its competitors is that all garments maintain their compression after going through the washing machine."

John Hastings

Captain Melbourne Stars / Australian National team

"Supacore CORETECH® helped me with my recovery".

Chris Carson

Running back, Seattle Seahawks (NFL)

"Supacore coretech were the pants I finally found that’s had everything I was looking for with my training loads and my recovery which is key 🔑"

Lefteris "Terry" Antonis

Midfielder, the Suwon Samsung Bluewings

"Supacore Coretech shots have been an asset to the club with injury recovery and prevention. The entire junior squad have used the shorts and our over use injuries have been rally low this season."

Ian Coll

Head of Performance Celtic FC

"We use Supacore Coretech for any pelvic related issues, The Core shorts work. "

Colin Lewin

Performance, Arsenal FC

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