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Seamless Technology


Utilising 17 years of expertise in producing high quality seamless garments, Supacore provides you with Supacore to provide you with a superior compression wear experience that benefits athletes across all three aspects of training – Exercise, Recovery and Rehabilitation.

Through our knitting process, we are able engineer garments with specialized features including our unique CORETECH waistband and body mapped targeted compression, as well as air permeable open mesh constructions, all without the use of uncomfortable seams.

The use of Seamless technology is beneficial for athletes because it's forgiving, non restrictive and non binding. The lack of seams allows for improved comfort as the body moves, is more durable and has a far less tendency to stretch or have seam failures compared to conventional cut and sews methods. It also allows Supacore to integrate the compression panels into the garment. They are part of it, integrated into the whole piece, not sown in as a separate piece – more durable, less areas to go wrong and fail!

Supacore uses Seamless technology to ensure the ultimate in compression, fit and performance.

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