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Here at Supacore, we’re obsessed with making improvements that actually help. Partnering with physiotherapistS, chiropractors and athletes, we’ve identified specific areas on the human body that need additional support in order to make sure we function well physically as part of a holistic whole.

We’re interested in looking at the way that we can help you sit, stand, and move better, faster, and with less pain. One of the ways that we’ve achieved that through our range of Supa - X® high-quality compression and training tops. 


What does Supa-X® do?

Supa-X® is present through all of our upper body compression ranges, and it’s a feature that uses our RibTech® technology in order to place additional supporting tension through areas that typically carry significant strain, tension, or injury. These additional sections of compressive force enable the body to easily shift into a position that is posturally aligned, thereby reducing pressure and pain, and helping to increase performance. This extra "X" of support between your shoulder blades, and across your lower back helps you sit straighter, stand taller, and move better. Not only does it help whilst you're wearing it - postural muscles correct when you use them. The more you wear Supacore, the better and stronger you stay when you take them off.


Why do you need it?

Injury, handheld device usage ( text neck) and the uptick in the amount of time we're spending at our desks is a leading factor in postural problems that lead to chronic pain syndromes like upper-crossed, and lower-crossed syndrome. These chronic problems decrease our strength, our fitness, and our enjoyment of life in general. Not to mention the pain they cause.


How should you wear it?

Wear them during training, underneath your work gear (they wick moisture too!), at the gym - take advantage of Supacore sportswear technology during the everyday opportunities to improve, even while you're not training.


Supacore Supa-X®


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