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Seamless body Mapped Men's Recovery Compression Leggings


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Men's Recovery Compression Tights, Black with Core Support Ribtech Technology


  • Reduces effects of DOMS delayed onset muscle soreness
  • Worn in the AFL and Premier league.
  • Recover quickly and have no pain the next day.
  • Ribtech technology for micro massage of muscles as you move.
  • Approved and endorsed by the Australian Chiropractors Association.




"These are not you're average run of the mill compression garment - this is a high quality, very well made and thought out product (with regards to the bands and flow of compression) that feels medical grade.While that's all well and good, if you're wondering if they will help you with recovery...Hell YES. I use them after heavy leg strength training and have noticed a marked difference in muscle soreness. Instead of walking around gingerly for 2-3 days I can walk around normally.  Don't hesitate and don't waste anymore time looking elsewhere - amazing product at a very reasonable price"

   Lee Money


 Level of Compression

High level of compression

  • Level: High/Firm compression (25 mmHg) - Medical Grade.

  • Ideal Use: Post-exercise recovery

Muscle aches or soreness after a workout or training are a thing of the past.

  When do I use them?

Designed to be worn post-exercise, post-competition, and are ideal for use where a medical grade graduated compression garment is required. This includes on flights to decrease swelling, and postoperatively to accelerate healing.

  How long do I need to use them for in order to receive the benefits?

Anywhere from 2 hours to 24 hours post-exercise or competition, or during your flight.

Material: 82% Polyamide, 15% Elastane, 3% Polyester

All Supacore products are backed by our 100 days worry free/no questions asked returns policy.


Targeted CompressionSeamless

RibtechPremium Quality

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