Back Pain


If you've experienced back pain, then you will know first hand how frustrating and debilitating it can be. 

Working on creating a strong and flexible body will minimise your risk of injuring your back. There are four important steps you can  take - in exercise and life - to protect your back:

  • Strengthen your core – there are four deep core muscles and all of these work together to support your back and prevent injury 
  • Rather than bend at the hips to lift heavy items, bend your knees like you are doing a squat
  • Stretch after exercise and get regular massages to lengthen and relax your muscles 
  • Wear Supacore CORETECH compression leggings or compression shorts when you train to support your lower back and your core.

If you have been injured, compression garments can help you to recover faster by supporting your back and aid in preventing inflammation and swelling around the injured area.