Sacroiliac Joint Pain

Protecting your pelvis from shock

The role of the sacroiliac joint is to act as a shock absorber for the back. However, when put under too much pressure it can become inflamed and cause pain through the lower back and pelvis.

Avoiding hyper-extending when exercising and increasing your core stability and flexibility are just a few ways to prevent sacroiliac joint pain. Wearing Supacore compression shorts or compression leggings during exercise will also assist in injury prevention as they are designed with a sacroiliac belt built in, to absorb the shock and support your core.

If you do sustain a sacroiliac joint injury, the most suitable treatment is:

  • Applying ice to the painful area
  • Taking a course of Anti-inflammatory medication
  • Avoiding activities that aggravate the injury
  • Treating the pain with a therapist of your choice: physiotherapy, chiropractor or osteopath 
  • A massage to the gluteal muscles