Coretech Injury Recovery & Prevention

For Injury Recovery & Prevention

Supacore invented and patented CORETECH™, a high compression ribbed waistband technology that has been designed for the management of hamstring, abductor, lower back, and groin related injuries.

Supacore CORETECH™ can assist with:
  • Post match recovery
  • Injury prevention
  • Rehabilitation from injuries including:
    • Osteitis pubis
    • Hamstring injury
    • Gilmore's groin
    • Groin disruption
    • Groin injury
    • Inguinal disruption
    • Sportsman's groin
    • Sportsman's hernia
    • Athletic Pubalgia
    • Adductor muscles strain
    • Pubic Symphysis support
    • Hockey hernia
    • Hockey groin

When can I use the Coretech Compression

Usually injury occurs during sports which involve twisting, turning, kicking, and change of pace. CORETECH™, will be of benefit during but not exclusively to the following sporting activities:

  • Football
  • Cricket
  • Rugby
  • Racket sports
  • Hockey
  • Skiing and snowboarding


The CORETECH™ Shorts and leggings have been engineered and body mapped to replicate the body’s own deep stability system by providing optimal placement of external compressive forces throughout the pelvis and core.

By actively encouraging blood flow to key areas, the shorts and leggings minimise the risk of groin, adductor and hamstring injuries. They will also assist the body and help to accelerate the rehabilitation of recently damaged tissue through the control of your lower body movements making these an essential item in every kit bag.