Why you should use Supacore

Supacore is a unique premium product, offering medical grade TGA approved graduated compression which is set to disrupt the sporting industry.

In addition to the generic compression benefits including, improved circulation, reduced muscle oscillation, enhanced recovery following strenuous exercise, and reduced effects of delayed muscle soreness, Supacore shorts and leggings, with Supacore's patented, Seamlessly engineered, high compression CORETECH™ waistband, are the only shorts and leggings that can assist core stability and aid in the recovery and rehabilitation of hamstring, lower back and groin related injuries.


Body mapped targeted compression focuses support of major muscle groups, resulting in less soft tissue damage Graduated compression increases blood circulation and reduce blood lactate for faster recovery Seamless technology means ultimate compression, comfort, fit and performance. Also lasts longer due to no fraying and stitch defects High tech, durable, breathable microfibre weave means longer product lifespan Quick dry and moisture wicking features for vital moisture management Allows rapid warm up and temperature maintenance during exercise

Comparison table

Supacore Comparison Table


The CORETECH™ range includes Supacore's own targeted and gradient compression for the ultimate muscle support during exercise. The CORETECH™ range is highly recommended for anyone who is susceptible to or recovering from a hamstring, lower back or groin related injury.


Supacore is all about innovation and performance: providing a sportsperson with the next level in compression clothing that makes them feel great and perform to their best. Supacore is a premium product in the market, offering medical grade TGA approved graduated compression which can prevent several sports based injuries. The Coretech waistband offers stability and support for hip , groin and hamstring injuries.


Supacore’s innovation was born out of necessity. Supacore’s parent company has been an innovator of seamless knitting for many years and has been a distributor of seamless fashion leggings into the market place. A team member working with the company was seeing a physiotherapist who had recommended that she wear a sacroiliac belt for lower back support in between her sessions.